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it's the little things

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, May 03, 2004, at 05:40PM

Went down to the new apartment today to drop the first small load of stuff off and see if the power was turned on, etc. Each time I'm there it's the little things that strike me about how much I'm never going to miss City Park, the apartment building I've called home for two years now.

First off, it's ridiculously hot right now. In City Park, the hallways reflect that. They're open to the outdoors, so while they do get a little shade, that's it. Premiere Towers, though, has the air on in the hallways.

The City Park elevators are some of the slowest, sketchiest elevators you could imagine. There are two of them, but often one's out of order. Premiere Towers has three or four elevators, with dark wood panelling and framed black and white pictures. Their elevators are about twice as fast getting to the 4th floor.

I checked my mailbox there today and it was full of ads and credit card offers for the last tenent. I'm sure that'll keep up for a while. There was also a lady sitting in the lobby who started talking to Kathy and not making sense, and I don't think she stopped once we got on the elevator. You have to use a key to get in there, though, so she's either pretty sneaky or a crazy lady with means.


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