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short dream

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, June 08, 2004, at 09:38AM

I'm sitting in the apartment this morning waiting for the cable guy to come. I hate Comcast, and I hate how much cable costs, but it will be nice to get more channels than just ABC, KCAL9, FOX, UPN, and PBS. But whatever, you don't care about me getting cable...

The important thing is that I think I just had a one-minute long dream this morning. I'm pretty sure that I looked up at my clock at 8:56. Then I proceeded to dream about getting up, finding the cable guy at the door, and trying to get my teeth brushed while he went down the hall to grab his bag. And then I woke up, looked at the clock, and it was 8:58. As it all too often happens I had managed to wake up within 5 minutes of the time my alarm was set to go off for, but I'm just amazed that I could -- in the course of two minutes -- fall back to sleep, have a dream, and wake up.


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