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It Happened One Night

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, July 01, 2004, at 09:28AM

Last night Kathy and I returned to the Los Angeles Theatre for It Happened One Night, again a part of the LA Conservancy's program Last Remaining Seats. The film was again excellent, as any film that goes and sweeps the Oscars should be. Last night we got much more of a chance to wander around the theater than we had the first time around (this time being prepared with coats to save our seats). The projection booth was available for viewing, as you can see in the picture at left. There was nothing high-tech to speak of up here, as most of the equipment and furnishings look like they could well be from the theater's opening in 1931.

Again a very cool experience, and something that everyone in LA should get out to at some point.


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