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morning troubles

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, July 28, 2004, at 10:59AM

It's been a long morning. I got up, took a shower, made coffee, got in my car, started to work... only to have my car die in the intersection of 7th and Broadway.

I pulled up to the red light, sat there waiting for it to turn green, it did, I started to go, the car sort of jerked once, and then it turned off. I pushed it across the intersection, into what would have been a meter spot were it not in the 7-9am no stopping time, and tried to start it back up. Nothing happened.

To make a long story short, I called AAA, they sent a tow truck, and I got the car towed to the University Auto Center right next to my old apartment. They'll call me back when they've taken a look at it. So now I'm on campus at USC, trying to salvage the day and get a little work done on my laptop.

Bright sides:

  • The spot I pushed my car into was right next to a news stand. I got to spend the time I was waiting talking to a guy hanging out there (I thought he was working, but apparently he was just waiting for something/someone). We talked about cars, work, Australia (he saw the boomerang in the back of my car), and Mexico.

  • The tow truck driver was prompt and friendly.

Oh well. Now I just get to wait and see what they say the damage to my wallet's going to be.


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