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more filming fun

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 01, 2004, at 10:20AM

It was a bit nuts around my apartment last night. I mentioned two days ago that there were lights set up throughout the alley, and last night they got their use. Around 9:30pm they started shooting a scene where five black urban assault SUVs (mostly Hummers) roar around the corner from the parking lot to the south of our building (knocking a dumpster out of their way) and speed down the alley (which really is only 200 feet or so).

The action on Spring Street was just as intense. I drove over to Kathy's to pick up a hard drive last night, and getting out of and in to my area was a bit of a challenge. Coming out of the garage I had to wait for a water tanker truck to clear (they were doing a lot of hosing down the streets) and then a cop waved me over and told me to proceed the normal way south on Spring. To do this I drove by a giant Hummer (like they aren't big enough all ready... This one was bigger) with a left side riddled with bullet holes. Getting back 6th was closed from Broadway, so I had to go up to 4th, head south on Spring, and then tell the cop at 5th that I was going to my apartment. He let me through the roadblock there, and that put me on an empty street from 5th to 6th. 6th was closed, like I said, but the light there was red so I started to sit and wait for it to turn. The cop at that barricade, though, waved me through, so I got official sanction to run a red light.

I don't know what time filming ended, but a scene in the alley woke me up at 3:45am, so I Know they were going most of the night.


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