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i fought the train and the train won

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, September 02, 2004, at 01:45PM

The Blue Line struck and killed a pedestrian yesterday. The Times report says that brings the line's body count up to 62.

Including Wednesday's fatality, more than 22 occupants of vehicles and more than 40 pedestrians have been killed along the Blue Line since it began operating in 1990, making it the deadliest of the MTA's four rail routes.

That number sounds a lot worse than it is, and the people who like to use this as fodder to hold against Metro are really abusing the facts. These accidents are almost exclusively the result of people failing to obey the appropriate warning signals. Everyone thinks they can beat the train, but the truth is you really can't. It's really big, and it moves pretty fast.

All the warning systems indicating an approaching train


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