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Art Walk: Part Two

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, January 14, 2005, at 12:14AM

So after resting my legs a little at my apartment I headed back out. On this leg I hit Bert Green Fine Art, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, 626 Gallery, Gallery 727, and Milla Angelina Gallery. That made seven galleries for the day, and yet I didn't hit anywhere near all of them. There are too many these days; I can't keep up.

Bert Green always has great shows. This go-round he has a show featuring works by the members of the art group Pharmaka. My favorite pieces were probably Tim Isham's Rough Edge and Michael Rosenfeld's Shell Game. Bert was opening the show tonight, and the place was packed.

Across the street we saw "The Technologized Body" at LACDA. There aren't pictures online, but a couple of the pieces are some of the scariest images you'll ever see -- they're good, though. I talked to Rex a bit about how digital work allows him to easily accept submissions from anywhere. He pointed out all the different locations artists in the show were from. They make the prints at LACDA, and then if they sell they'll mail the print back to the artist to get it signed and mailed back.

626 is opening a show by Carol P. Surface called "Prisoners of Dichotomy." Cool mixed media stuff. The actual opening reception isn't until Saturday night.

727 has a photography show called "vision and process." It's a striking change from last month's community garden show, where big photos with lush colors filled the walls. This month it's a very minimal show with mostly small black and white photos in large white mattes hanging on their huge white walls (the ceilings in that building are at least 20 feet).

This was my first time in Milla Angelina. Cool stuff. I don't know a show name or anything like that, but there were a number of pieces up that I really liked.

I wanted to hit a few more, but at this point in the night I had to break off and head up to Hollywood to see Jim Bianco and the Tim Davies Big Band.

(This is part two of my recap. Part One is here.)


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