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Flexcar Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 19, 2005, at 07:55PM

Over on my personal blog I'm talking about transit options now that I'm carless. In a post today I mentioned going to check out the Flexcar at the Bonaventure.

I had walked over to the library this afternoon, so I dropped by the Bonaventure to check out the car. It was there, and as advertised was a Honda Civic hybrid. They're small cars, but they look nice. The Bonaventure car is parked in the valet area; one of the valets took me over to it and let me look inside. I asked him how often the car was used and he said every day. I don't know what time of the day is most in demand; I'm sending an email off to Flexcar's LA address hoping to get a few questions like that answered. I assume the reservation calendar would also let me know things like that once I have access to it. The valet asked me how the service worked and I explained the yearly fee and the plan options. He thought it sounded like a pretty good deal. As of right now I tend to agree.

Flexcar currently has a car at the Bonaventure and two at Union Station.


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