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High Drama at the Old Bank

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 19, 2005, at 09:13PM

I love this whole history research thing. One of the buildings converted to create Premiere Towers was the former California Bank building (the astute will note that the California bank then moved to 600 S. Spring in 1960). August 12th, 1953, a bank robber was shot and killed in what is now my building. That's kind of crazy. From the LA Times write-up the next day:

A hulking, six-foot bank robber yesterday was shot down by a guard when he tried to rob the main office of the California Bank at 625 S Spring St.

Update (a few minutes later): There's more...

Another great bit from the write-up:

Frank L. Preshell, 82, a customer, did find a spent bullet in his pockt after the shooting. Preshell said the shell caromed into his coat, but didn't worry him as the same thing had happened to him in the Spanish-American War.

Now that's history, folks.

  • August 7, 1956, a guy tried to rob the same bank with a toy gun. He got $400, but got caught right afterward. The LA Times picture is cool. If you've got access to the archives, check out the article from Aug. 8.

  • January 29, 1968: A guy robbed the Canadian Bank of Commerce claiming to have a bomb in a brown paper bag. He got $2100, but only $1000 was in US currency. The bag turned out to contain an empty graham cracker box. "The bandit was described as short and slight, but wearing a large moustache."


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