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LA Times talks About the Town Crier

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, January 29, 2005, at 10:07AM

In the LA Times magazine this weekend is a piece on LA's Town Crier, Don Garza. It's a bit of a short piece, but a good one. Don's also been known to write some on his blog and take good Downtown pictures. I spent Wednesday afternoon walking around City Hall with Don getting details out about the Town Crier competition mentioned in the article. We went to a good number of the council offices, and it was really funny seeing some people be completely baffled ("Town Criers?") while some knew Don and his position right away. Antonio Villaraigosa said hi to both of us as we were getting out of an elevator and he was getting on; he knew Don, but obviously he was just saying hi to me to be nice.

Update (Sunday, 6pm): The security guard across the street let me take her copy of the magazine. The bit on Don is first thing on page 5. The picture with it's nice, too: I've never seen Don that cleaned up.


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