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It's Only 10:40am, but I'm Hungry

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, January 31, 2005, at 10:41AM

The LA Times today has an article titled -- wait for it... -- "The New Plate Techtonics." After you finish groaning at their humour you'll find a decent piece about mid-range restaurants taking a good look at Downtown.

The Daily Grill will be a few blocks from a new IHOP and from the site of a future Roy's Hawaiian Fusion. Meanwhile, the Seattle-based operators of El Gaucho steakhouses are nosing around for a location. And more chains are expected to be enticed as plans proceed for a $1-billion addition to Staples Center that is envisioned as a 4-million-square-foot entertainment, shopping and residential center.

In news a little more local to me, I was talking to Eric yesterday at LA Cafe (on Spring, between 6th & 7th) and he said his italian eatery up the block (in the Hayward Hotel building) will finally be opening next week. And it may be the first italian place you've ever been at that serves hamburgers and kosher hot dogs.


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