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Villaraigosa on Transit

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, February 04, 2005, at 11:05AM

I mentioned back in December that Villaraigosa had announced an intention to extend the Red Line to the ocean. I was a bit incredulous at the costs, but I like the vision. Today the LA Times talks about Antonio's transit plan (Mayor Sam would say it's the same as Hertzberg's, but that's neither here nor there). The quote I found interesting was from Hahn strategist Kam Kawata:

Kawata took issue with Villaraigosa's proposal to extend the Red Line subway to the ocean, saying that if Villaraigosa proposed to tunnel underground, "then he's not doing his homework" because members of Congress have blocked such plans.

It seems to me that getting the law against tunneling under Wilshire and the Prop A subway funding restrictions overturned will be a lot easier than coming up with the rest of the billions for funding the line. Come up with the money and I guarantee the rest works itself out.


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