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Flowers on Valentines Day

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, February 15, 2005, at 02:57PM

For the sake of surprise (one which went very well, thank you), I had to hold off posting this story for a day. Yesterday, though, I got up and walked a few blocks east from my apartment to the LA Flower District. I've been there once before with my mom last summer, so I knew basically where I was going and what I should expect. That said, it was intimidating.

Outside the scene was already busy. There was a TV sat truck set up outside, and police officers were doing traffic control on Wall St.

The market had opened to the public at 8:00am. I arrived there at 8:40am or so, paid my $2, and went inside. I quickly understood that I know nothing about flowers. But within 15 minutes or so I found a stall that had arrangements I liked and also took credit cards (since I had no cash on me). I bought two dozen red roses (arranged, with associated greenery) for $30.

I took them back to my apartment, stuck them in a bucket with water (the closest thing I had to a vase), and headed to work. Kathy received them when she came over to go to dinner (at the Hilton Checkers).


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