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Mmmm... Crepes

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, February 16, 2005, at 08:33AM

I mentioned late last month that the italian cafe in the Hayward Hotel building was soon to be opening. It turns out it got beat by Eric's other project to the south. Now open in the building on the northwest corner of 7th and Spring is a new cafe serving juice, ice cream and crepes. It's open until 8 or 9pm right now, but Eric promises that as soon as spring rolls around (will it ever this year? What's up with the cold?) he's going to have it open until midnight.

Update (2/16): This afternoon my dad and I got shakes from Eric's new cafe. I actually wanted an ice blended mocha from LA Cafe, but it seems the coffee and the blender are currently in different cafes. The shake was a highly enjoyable second-choice.


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