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Fire on Spring?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, February 28, 2005, at 04:47PM

548 S. Spring Don Garza tells me there was a fire today just up the street from my apartment at 548 S. Spring St. I've been here at work all day so I haven't seen for myself, but I'll check it out once I get back Downtown.

Oddly (or perhaps not) I had just noticed this morning that they were doing construction in the building. As I walked across Spring to catch my DASH I saw that they had backed a truck in a hole cut onto the 6th St. side of the building. I assumed they had been doing work inside and were using the truck to haul away debris. I first noticed the whole this weekend, so it's either new or I'm just not very observant.

The LA Fire Department Blog doesn't have anything, but as Brian Humphrey stopped by to point out, they do have information on last week's garment district fire.

Update (6:15pm): I just took a look at the exterior of the building, and there's not all that much to say. I could see black stains over some of the lower windows on the north face, but other than that the building just looked like it got a thorough soaking. The lady driving the DASH said it was a mess; that the fire had started around 3 and the fire engines had cleared around 4:30 or 5. The building is owned by Albion Pacific Property and Barry Shy, who converted the Higgins Building.


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