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Tempest in a Tea Pot

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, March 07, 2005, at 05:13PM

This afternoon Caryn Coleman made a post over at that I took offense to.

There's an article in the LA Dowtown News today focusing on the growing arts cluster in dowtnown Los Angeles. Not just concentrating on the new "Gallery Row", the article also included Chinatown. Galleries (including the fanastic Bank), artist spaces, print studios, etc. are included, and mentioned, but sixspace isn't. This is the catalyst for what I'm about to write and has caused me to rethink downtown and my place within it.

I wrote a heck of a lot in the comments there, but from my final words on the subject:

Caryn isn't hating on Downtown, and I can quit being so defensive. I'm not trying to say Downtown is right for everyone, and she's not trying to say it's not right for anyone. Caryn and Sean know their business and I don't, and if they think that Downtown isn't offering what their gallery needs in a space, that's their call. They've done a lot to hype Downtown, and I know they'll continue to do a lot to hype Downtown, 'cause Downtown's cool. Just because Downtown might not work for them right now doesn't mean they're giving up or backing down from the trendy new challenge. I'd rather have them somewhere else than have them not selling art.

I still think that a safe environment is important. Just as "safe environments won't bring buyers to downtown art galleries," unsafe environments will keep them away. I can help work on making things safe, but it's up to the galleries to put together good shows and spaces that are attractive to their clients.

All in all I think it's an interesting read.


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