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Antonovich to Announce Endorsement of Hahn

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 30, 2005, at 02:55PM
Hahn/Antonovich Press Conference Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Kevin Roderick is taking a blogging-break today, so The Angelino was the first I saw to break the rumor that County Supervisor Michael Antonovich will this afternoon announce his support of Mayor Hahn. I just got confirmation of that, and news that a press conference will be held just after 3:30pm at the Hall of Administration.

I should really be working on my paper draft non-stop this afternoon, but instead I'm going to head over there and take some pictures.

Update (5pm): The endorsement was Antonovich. The press conference was short and to the point. I think I'll probably show up on the news tonight in the background of somebody's shot. I was trying to figure out which cameras were from which stations, but I know somebody had me in their line of sight. I conveniently got a ride to USC afterward from the girl there shooting for Annenberg TV News.

I'm fascinated by the production of these press conferences. The question right beforehand: who needs more to be up front behind the Mayor, the firefighters or women? The answer: both.


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