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Council Budget and Finance Committee Holds Special Meeting on LATC

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, April 05, 2005, at 01:09AM

The City Council's Budget and Finance Committee is holding a special meeting tomorrow at 3:15pm (City Hall, Room 1010) to take action on the Los Angeles Theatre Center. This will immediately follow their regular meeting, but it's special because they only gave notice 24-hours ahead of time, and the Brown Act requires it be a "Special Meeting" in that case. The text on the agenda is vague as to the Committee's intentions:

Motion (Perry - Villaraigosa) and communications from the Cultural Affairs Department and Chief Legislative Analyst relative to the City entering into a contract with Gilmore and Associates for the operation of the Los Angeles Theatre Center at 514 South Spring Street. (Arts, Parks, Health and Aging Committee considered on 10-5-04)

Though I follow Downtown news pretty closely, I haven't heard much about the LATC since the controversy in May of last year (the Downtown News article linked from that post requires pay-access; basically it was a fight over who would run the theatre). Now, all of a sudden, there's a motion on the agenda with 24-hour notice and zero input from the neighborhood council. I think that's unacceptable, and unless things play out in an unexpected manner I'll say as much to the committee tomorrow.

The LATC was created to be a catalyst for Downtown revitalization. It may have been the wrong time, but it was the right idea. To suddenly take the facility out of the public's hand with no community input would be to do a grievous disservice to all those now moving Downtown.


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