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DLANC: April Board Meeting Wrap-Up

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2005, at 12:43PM

Yesterday was the April meeting of DLANC's Board of Directors. It wasn't a particularly full agenda, but a few things of interest need to be highlighted here. The biggest topic of the night was the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC), a topic on which you've seen a lot of discussion here. The Latino Theatre Company was well represented, even though the content of the controversy wasn't at all before us for discussion. Still, they had several people speak during public comment, and I think their statements were well received. Discussion of the actual LATC agenda item centered on procedure, but even it wasn't without its debate.

Public Comment

As usual, public comment began the meeting. Stan Sosa from the Latino Museum and Jose Luis Valenzuela from the Latino Theatre Company led off, and both talked of the great use they envision for the LATC space. Three additional speakers in support of the Latino Theatre Company followed, and generally just had good things to say about the Company.

Next was a representative from the Mayor's office. He invited people to attend today's opening of the Hollywood City Hall (2pm - 2:30pm), talked about 311, and brought in information about an LA reading program.

While Mr. Motta was talking Board member Kjell Hagen leaned over to me and said 311 wasn't useful for him, since it didn't work from his cell phone. It would seem that in today's time of increasing cell phone reliance the city would make it a priority to work with the providers to make this feasible. I know that there are technical issues, but I have to believe it possible.

Next came a representative from LA World Airports. She was making the rounds of the neighborhood councils to introduce herself as the airports' liason.

The ever-present and ever-helpful Kathleen came next. Her issues were ones that she has raised before, and I think they're very important to the smooth operation of DLANC. First, she pointed out that there are DLANC committees which can not make quorum. Second, she objected to the fact that several DLANC Board members are perpetually absent. And finally she raised a question about committee minutes and the slow pace with which they make their way to the full Board. Brady said that the next executive committee meeting would be addressing all three issues.

Item 6: The Budget

DLANC's Budget and Finance Committee was to have a special meeting at 6pm, just before the regular DLANC meeting, but didn't make quorum so no items could be acted upon. Currently DLANC has a little over $61k in funds, comprised of both money from this year and left-over funds from the last one.

Item 7: Outreach Report

Kai reported that committee chairs need to start using the DLANC website. She's going to work with those who can't figure out how to use the system. As an editorial note, I don't think it's that hard. I think people just need to do it.

The next meeting of DLANC's Outreach Committee will be on Monday, May 2nd at a date and location TBA.

Item 8: DWP MOU

Item 8 pertained to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Department of Water & Power (DWP) and the neighborhood councils. Basically it's a document laying out how the two talk to each other. Brady endeavoured to give an explanation Board members would understand, but eventually everyone gave up and we voted unanimously to approve the MOU and quit talking about it.

Item 10: LATC

Let's take a look at the actual agenda item.

10: Discussion and Possible Action on Receiving and Filing LATC RFP.

I think this was poorly worded. Perhaps more properly the item should have read, "Discussion and Possible Action on Council's Receiving and Filing of LATC RFP." For DLANC this was a matter of procedure. Last week, as has been pointed out here, the Council's Budget & Finance committee issued notice on a Special meeting. The Brown Act requires 24-hour notification for a special meeting, and this announcement made that deadline by minutes.

Jason Waters made the motion that (and I paraphrase here) DLANC strongly objects to the minimal notice given on the issue of the LATC, and requests that Council give us thirty days to decide if we are able to issue a recommendation.

I objected. Strongly. But my objection was to the motion. I firmly felt that we would be opening a legal can of worms by addressing the substance of the issue before Council decides what they are going to do in regards to the current RFP. I had no problem with condemning the lack of notice, but I in no way wanted the issue to come back to us at this point.

In the most tightly contested vote I've seen at DLANC, the motion passed with eight yes, two no, and five abstain.


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