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April Art Walk Round Up

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, April 15, 2005, at 01:22AM

I have to admit something up front here: my gallery count this month was a little low. It was Downtown Art Walk night this evening. I ended up spending a decent portion of the evening at Pete's, and the pre-party this month was definitely at my place, but in the middle I did manage to catch a few galleries. The shows I caught were amazing. This month I tried to take a few more pictures, so I'll put those into my recap.

Update (Friday): I've put the pictures from this post and a few others I took last night into an April '05 Art Walk Set on Flickr.

sixspace As usual I started off my night down at sixspace, since that's somewhere I can hit on the way back from USC. I really enjoyed the cloud installation you can see in the photo. Up inside the pictures cloud you get a weather forecast. Some of the paintings were also amazing. The whole show has an element of depth to it, and definitely deserves to be seen.

Next I went over to Spring Arts Tower to hang out with Kjell from Gallery Row. We met up with some others and took the elevator up to the eighth floor to see the show at Iron Eye Gallery. I didn't catch the whole thing, and plan to return for the official opening on Saturday, but what I saw (a lot of it photography) was really good.

Next on our gallery hit-list was 626 Gallery, which featured the show "Saints and Sinners" by Katy Allgeyer. Some interesting stuff mixing fortune cookie fortunes and religious iconography.

Bert Green Fine Art Bert Green Fine Art featured one of the most interesting shows I've seen. The main part of the room featured cameras and photos by Wayne Martin Belger. The cameras were by far the most amazing I've ever seen. Each was a working pinhole camera, but all were pieces of art in their own right. The pictured skull camera is just one of the many unbelievable pieces. Amazingly, the accompanying photos lived up to the cameras.

LACDA LACDA featured works by several artists whose names I don't have handy, among them the pictured panorama. Good stuff as usual. My favorite piece is a digital drawing of a family living room scene. At first you don't notice the little devil crawling into the television, but when you do it really gives the work an extra appeal.

Nathan Rosser This show was exhibited in a new space that's part of Gilmore's Old Bank District. It's whimsically titled the all purpose room. Nathan's art was tight and eye-catching. And perhaps just as importantly, the little quiche things they were serving were really good. I didn't eat tonight (3:30 lunches will do that for you), so I guess that was my dinner.

Next month Gallery Row celebrates its one year anniversary with a special party on May 12th. Definitely plan to be there.


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