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DLANC: April Transportation and Public Works

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, April 28, 2005, at 06:11PM

I'm a couple days late in posting this (such is this time of year), but Tuesday was the monthly meeting of DLANC's Transportation & Public Works committee. It was an interesting meeting, even though attendance was low thanks to a couple conflicting meetings. The ongoing Downtown Circulation Study was a big topic of conversation, as were some neighborhood council issues that are a little bigger than just the transportation committee.

Downtown Circulation Study

If you remember back to January, I told you about a Downtown Circulation Study being commissioned by LADOT (way down at the bottom). Michael Meyer, President of consulting firm Meyer, Mohaddes Associates, came to present some very preliminary stuff from the work they've done. He brought with him a nice 11x17 map of Downtown streets showing which are one-way and which bidirectional. Looking at it you get a sense for how random the choice between the two seems to be. The question is whether the current patterns make sense, and what streets should be changed. A couple specific ideas he mentioned, though remember that these are in the very early stages:

  • 11th and 12th streets seem to be candidates to be returned to two-way operation.
  • It doesn't make a lot of sense to have one block of one-way operation on Hill between 11th and 12th.
  • It might be feasible to allow vehicle traffic to make the left turn from lower 4th street onto northbound Flower, since buses already can and one block later there are three northbound lanes.
  • Similarly, adding southbound traffic to Figueroa between 9th and Olympic would allow Staples-bound traffic to exit on 9th.
  • The study is going to look into Spring and Main, as well as Grand and Olive, but doesn't have much to say about them yet.
  • Pedestrian signals are being studied, including the idea of scramble crossings (all peds can cross at the same time, no walking when traffic is moving).

In a couple months he'll be coming back to us with some more concrete ideas and we'll get the chance to give our opinions. Later on final recommendations will be presented to LADOT.

Street Repair Funding

We voted to write a letter to City Council asking them to approve the Mayor's plan to give $100k of directable street repair money to councils. Street Services came to talk to us about that last month. The letter now goes to the DLANC Board for final approval.

7th St. Lighting Project

The word is that the historic (or historic looking) pedestrian streetlights on 7th St. that have long been dark will soon be relit. Council has approved the necessary lighting district.

Wayfinding Signage

The opening ceremony has been held and the first sign is up by Disney Hall. More will be gradually appearing.

Committee Membership and Quorums

At this point discussion turned away from things exactly related to transportation and public works. Our committee membership includes a good number of members (four or five out of thirteen, I think) who are never there. By being voting members of the committee but not attending, they negatively affect our ability to reach a quorum. Ted, DLANC's official records-keeper and historian (and who you'll meet if you ever stop by or call the DLANC office) thinks that these situations should be taken care of automatically by rules the Board passed previously making committee membership subject to the same rules as Board membership (though, as we've heard before, those rules aren't promptly enforced).

At the April Board meeting Brady indicated that the Board membership part of this would be a topic of discussion at the upcoming Executive Committee meeting, so hopefully this will be as well. I'm planning to stop by the office next Tuesday to familiarize myself with the committee rules that DLANC previously passed, but until I see those I'm not quite sure whether there are automatic controls there, or whether committees just need to push the Executive Committee to remove perpetually absent members.

This is one of my pet peeve issues. If you're going to ask to be a member of a committee, or especially run for the Board, you need to be making a commitment to show up.

Next Meeting

The next Transportation & Public Works meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 24th.


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