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Wrapping Up Round Three of LATC Action

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 04, 2005, at 10:23PM

As I reported earlier, City Council today voted unanimously to recieve and file the existing RFP for the operation of the Los Angeles Theatre Center, re-opening all options for determining how the center will operate. This is what they were expected to do, and it's what the Budget & Finance committee had recommended.

The question is now how the Council will go about selecting a theatre operator. On the one hand are very adamant cries that a new RFP process must begin, allowing all who would wish to bid to compete fairly. On the other is a $4 million state grant the Latino Theatre Company / Latino Museum seem to have lined up for renovation, if only they can get control of the building (originally via the city giving them the center, now apparently with at least a 20-year lease) quickly -- they keep bringing up a May 17th deadline at which time the funds could be taken away.

Today the Council said all the right things.

Cindy Miscikowski:

I for one will not feel or be pressured to vote by an artificial deadline of some other information that is floating out there. ... To hear that there's a deadline of May 17th that we must act to do something else, puts us under pressure. ... We've got to take a long hard deep breath.

Janice Hahn:

The only way I can swallow this receive and file is -- and I think it's true for lot of residents -- if they can be assured that we will make it a fair and open process by issuing another RFP.

Bernard Parks emphasized "clearly having an open process."

You would hope to hear those things said and then see the Council turn around and very deliberately engage in a new RFP that tries to get the city everything it has now decided it wants. To me that seems to be the only way this whole mess can be fairly adjudicated.

The rumour I hear, though, is that the Council isn't looking to take a breath. I'm hearing a joint committee meeting on Friday at 2pm, though as of yet there is no agenda posted to confirm that. Any such meeting would be required under the Brown Act to be noticed by 2pm tomorrow, so we'll know then whether we get round four this week.


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