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LATC To Return to City Council May 17th

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 12, 2005, at 09:41PM

Tuesday morning the topic of the LA Theatre Center comes once again before City Council (PDF, Item 4). In the time since we last saw the item it went to Arts, Parks, Health & Aging. Now it's back to Council, with the recommendations from the two committees. It's one long agenda item, and is basically what I reported during the Budget & Finance Committee meeting last week...

  • Approve the concept of a 20-year lease.
  • Authorize CLA, etc, to start negotiating with the "Latino Theater Company/Latino Museum, and any other interested parties including but not limited to Will and Company/Gilmore and Associates, and conduct the necessary due diligence to determine the feasibility of their proposals."
  • Conduct an expedited solicitation of interest to see if anyone else out there wants a crack at the building.
  • Report back in 30 days with results and recommendations, and investigate the claims of improprieties and misinformation in the Prop 40 grant process that were raised in public comment.
  • Instruct the CLA to report back with a comprehensive plan for the needs of the City's cultural facilities.
  • "INSTRUCT the CLA to contact Mr. Jason Waters, Board member of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, relative to his offer during the Budget and Finance Committee s public testimony, to provide input on structuring a model for the successful operation of the LATC that is community inclusive."

I had to just quote that last one because it made me laugh. Not because I don't think Jason has great ideas, and can put together really creative people to figure out a direction for the center, but just how does he get his name specifically in a Council agenda. That's too crazy.

It will be interesting to see if we get any sort of a picture into this negotiation process. As of yet unaddressed is how they're going to be structured or what kind of criteria the City will use to judge different offers. That's what really makes it different than a formal RFP process, despite how people might have tried to blur that line at Budget & Finance.


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