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Story Still Emerging on Transport Gallery Trouble

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, May 14, 2005, at 12:05AM

Way back on April 23rd there was a show at Transport Gallery called "Mark of the Beast." Days afterward the story started to come out that the show had been forced to shut down by LAPD. Everything I heard seemed to be third-hand, though, so it was hard to know what to think. Valerie from finally spoke to the owner of the gallery, and reports his side of the story.

Some say that four police cars pulled up at 10:40 on the night of the 23rd, others say there were six cars, but one thing is certain: The officer told Mike he had no choice but to shut the place down due to a call they had received from an unnamed individual complaining that the art being shown that evening was offensive and aggressive in nature. Apparently, calling in such a complaint is every citizen


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