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Spring Street Contra-Flow Lane on the Way Out?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 25, 2005, at 10:07AM
Bus Backup Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Fresh on the heels of my post illustrating the problems of the contra-flow lane comes word that LADOT is finally moving to make the lane a thing of the past. In fact, tomorrow morning they take the issue to the Board of Transportation Commissioners to get their consent to move forward. Southbound buses will continue to run on Spring, and a peak hour bus lane will likely be added in the direction of flow. Northbound buses will move to Main, with likely a similar bus lane.

Now, when I heard this the first thing I said was "Board of Transportation Commissioners?" That was a new one to me. Turns out they issue taxi permits, etc, but also have to sign off on LADOT decisions that involve changing ordinances. And -- who knew -- the Spring St. contraflow lane has an ordinance: LAMC 80.36.7.

Here's the text of LAMC 80.36.7(a):

Except as to buses specifically authorized for this use by the Department, it shall be unlawful, when authorized signs and markings are in place, giving notice thereof, to drive, propel, stop or park any vehicle in or on the east curb lane of Spring Street between 9th Street and Macy Street or on the east curb lanes of Flower Street between lower 4th Street and 3rd Street in the City of Los Angeles.

LADOT will be asking the Commissioners to change that to remove Spring from 1st to 9th. The blocks above 1st will continue to have bus lanes.

I don't know exactly what implementation LADOT is looking at for the changed street. I'll try to find out more about that today and tomorrow.

If you want to show up to the Commissioners meeting to give your support or otherwise, it's tomorrow morning, 10am, on the 9th floor of the building at 201 N. Figueroa.

And just in case you were wondering, no, I was not at all trying to say above that I thought my post had anything to do with this action. This has been something that the wheels have been slowly deciding whether to turn on for a long time now.


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