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DLANC Special Election Results

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, May 31, 2005, at 11:09PM

Jim did indeed beat me to the punch, posting details from tonight's DLANC special election for Area-Wide Resident.

j. russell brown won the special election for a new at-large representative to the downtown los angeles neighborhood council with 16 votes to run-off runner-up david poffenberger's 14. there was one abstention in the run-off -- the guy who got booted out of office after he apparently stopped showing up to meetings, and during his candidate statement claimed that the election was illegal and going to be invalidated because of a lawsuit he was going to file. he didn't get any other votes in the first round. there were two other candidates, and at least one of them also didn't get any other votes.

John Sellars did indeed turn up tonight, and it was the first time I've seen him since at least November or December. It is clear to me that he was absent for more meetings than the bylaws would allow, so I'm not sure exactly what his complaint was with the procedure the Board used in voting for his removal.

Though Jim does the math to find a very low turnout, I was quite pleased to get the people out that we did. The candidates who ran (aside from John's statement) all had good things to say and I'd love to see each of them find a way to get involved. I'm very glad to see Russell pointing his attention at DLANC; he's doing good things for Downtown.


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