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Cornfield Complaints on the PR Wire

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 02, 2005, at 02:35PM

A couple months ago there was news about an art project using a portion of the land in the future Cornfield park as a -- well, a corn field. Some people aren't happy about that, and today there's a fun press release on the free news wires. It's titled "Community Duped By Annenberg Foundation, State Parks Promise to Be Inclusive States Antonio." Seeing as we just had an election, you might think Antonio to be our new mayor, but no, it's not.

Despite numerous promises by The Annenberg Foundation, California State Department of Parks and Recreation officials, and heiress Lauren Annenberg Bon to seek community input, residents who are concerned about the future of the Cornfield park site located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles have been shunned by the Foundation and State Parks in their decision to move forward with an insulting public art project slated for the Cornfield.

I can't claim myself to be up enough on the situation or plans to really give an opinion on this, but I will say that I love the free news wires. They make things seem so legitimate.


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