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LA Times on Medallion Development

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, June 08, 2005, at 10:44AM

The LA Times today/yesterday (the story posted online last night) covers the Medallion development slated to rise on the surface parking lot just north of Pete's Cafe. I was just wondering the other day where things were with that project. Good of the Times to answer my questions. 370 units, with retail underneath, and multiple parking structures to make up for the spaces currently on the surface.

The design of the L-shaped Medallion building at 4th and Main will make a stylistic nod to the Old Bank District's San Fernando Building, completed in 1906, said architect Alex Ward. His Omaha-based firm, Leo A Daly, is designing the Medallion complex with M2A, a Los Angeles architecture firm.

The Medallion building at 3rd and Main will have a more contemporary design in what Ward calls "sleek materials," including glass, metal and precast concrete.

It's good to see they're thinking about their neighbors. No timeline is given in the piece, but there is a picture of the proposed design for the more contemporary building.

Update (1:40pm): It was brought to my attention that the Times piece is almost entirely the same information that ran in the Downtown News last April. And reading through the older piece, well, yeah, it is. All the same information about number of units, parking, original plans, complementing the Old Bank buildings, etc is there. I'm sure the Times job a lot easier.


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