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Town Crier Starts DLANC Watch

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, June 10, 2005, at 07:10PM

Town Crier Don Garza has started up a new blog, DLANC Watch. He writes that he intends to keep tabs on who's present at meetings and hold board members accountable for what they say at meetings.

I think the site's a great idea -- the more people watching what going on at neighborhood councils and getting involved the better -- but I think that any sort of a watchdog site has to be careful to be accurate in its accusations. For instance, Don alleges that since the agenda for the upcoming May 14th Board meeting had not been posted as of this afternoon that DLANC was in violation of the Brown Act. That's quite simply false. The Brown Act requires 72 hours notice for regular meetings, with no distinction for weekend and holidays. Therefore, 72 hours prior to a meeting held at 6:30pm on Tuesday would be 6:30pm tomorrow, Saturday.

Also, Don claims that the DLANC website "is considered to be one of the locations the Neighborhood council is required to post the agendas for the General Board meetings." That's not true. All agendas should be posted on the website (and often are not), but the required posting places are the five locations listed on the site.


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