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Quantas Crews Won't Leave Hotel, Start Own Fights Instead

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, June 15, 2005, at 09:55AM

If you remember way back to May 1st you might recall that I ran a post mentioning that Quantas crews disliked their new lodging Downtown because they felt unsafe. I thought it was a good laugh of a story, especially since their new digs -- the Bonaventure -- is pretty much a self-contained city. Turns out Quantas crews shouldn't be scared of Downtown, but we should be scared of them.

Today in the Australian is a piece reporting that three crew members were suspended following a fight in a Bonaventure room.

The altercation, said to involve two cabin crew and a second-officer in a room at the Bonaventure Hotel in central Los Angeles on Saturday, was apparently sparked by a spilt drink. A comment by the pilot about the spill allegedly resulted in punches being thrown and the second flight attendant entering the fray on the side of his friend.

Cabin crew have said they fear for their safety after being moved to the hotel and feel trapped because they are too scared to venture out into the crime-prone downtown area at night.

At this point I can confidently say that they're just whining. If you're getting in fights over a spilt drink, you can definitely defend yourself from whatever it is you're afraid of encountering Downtown at night.


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