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Rest of Australian Continent Getting into Downtown Bashing

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2005, at 10:43AM

Someone needs to put a little sense into the Australian continent (or at least bring them up to speed on recent developments). First we had Quantas crews disliking Downtown, then they were starting hotel room fights. Now the New Zealand publication Stuff just throws a diss at Downtown without even thinking about it. From an article on "What not to miss on your next LA stopover":

After 14 hours over the Pacific, the temptation is to keep enduring the unendurable and do the LA to New York jump nonstop. Los Angeles, with its vast sprawl and reputation as a superficial glitz-fest and drug-riddled haven for the worst of American racial tension scares off many travellers. But it is a perfect long-weekend break, if you know how to take it on.

The first rule is not to stray where no tourist should venture - dreary downtown or more dangerous East LA.

Of course the rest of the piece advises things like "on the run" shopping on Rodeo, so maybe Stuff just caters to the rich snobs of New Zealand.


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