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Free WIFI at LA Grand Event?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 23, 2005, at 10:38AM

Reading through a buzzword-filled press release, it would appear that there's now WIFI at the restaurant LA Grand Event, on the corner of 7th and Grand. The release casts doubt on whether this access will continue to be free in the future, however.

"We are making available 54 MGs of 802-11 at no cost to the public for the next 90 days to demonstrate our superior technology," commented William J. Kettle, eWan's Chairman and CEO.

Aside from not having any clue what "54 MGs" is, I'm also unclear on whether that means eWan is giving the restaurant the access free for 90 days, or whether after that time there will be a fee to the consumer. It would be a shame to see it be the latter; I think charging for WIFI is a doomed business model.


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