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Pershing Square: Checking on the Free WIFI

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, June 26, 2005, at 04:45PM
Pershing Square Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I got back to my apartment a little bit ago and felt like doing something to take advantage of the nice weather, so I decided to wander over to Pershing Square and see how the wifi I blogged back in April is doing after about two months of operation.

I guess the first and most important thing to say is: it's working, and I'm using it right now. After that the rest is just details, but I like details, so I'll put some in after the jump.

I had a little bit of an issue getting my browser to find the login page (it thought it was getting redirected in circles), but I got that working easily enough. Next I had to remember the username and password I set up a few months ago, but that was pretty easy as well. I got it first try -- sort of. It looks to me like the login still has a bug I remember hearing about back in April. The first time you hit submit it just sits there, but if you stop and resubmit it logs you on just fine.

I was a little worried about finding shade once I got here. The problem with life as a laptop user is that you want to get outside and enjoy the weather, but any sunlight so overpowers your screen as to make viewing impossible. Today there are circular tables out with umbrellas, but no chairs. The tables are almost completely unoccupied, or so it seems until you get close. Then you see the bodies lying on the grass in the shadows of the umbrellas.

I ended up taking a seat on the benches that line the northwest wall. There are lots of trees here, so good shade for laptop viewing. It looks like I might have to reassess my seat soon as the sun gets lower, but for now it's good.

Now to see if I can actually get some work done without getting distracted by just being outside.


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