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Technical Docs on Grand Ave Plans

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 30, 2005, at 11:40AM

If you're like me, and the plans for Grand Ave. tend to leave you confused as to what exactly is going where and when certain things are happening, it can be good to get all that in one place. While it may not be the friendliest of documents, the report the CRA recently submitted to City Council (1.3MB PDF) is definitely thorough. Lots of information about funding sources, government commitments, various stages of the project, etc.

Block Q, the parking structure just across Grand from Disney Hall, is the first phase. What I'm really excited for, though, is the eventual development of the parcels called L and M2 (the parking lots just south of Disney Hall, on the level of lower Grand). I haven't heard anything about plans to try and better connect upper and lower Grand, but I would think something to that effect would have to come out of this. A year or so ago a cousin of mine from New York came Downtown to go to MOCA and got pretty confused trying to figure out where the museum was. Turns out he was below it. He and a friend had to climb the embankment up toward Disney Hall to eventually get to their destination.


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