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Jogging Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, July 10, 2005, at 11:42PM

New Downtown blogger eecue (or Dave, if you're into real names) writes today about a jog he and his fiance took around the neighborhood.

Today we did a run in the city and we started at the lofts, went straight up 6th street into the civic center, through a maze of stairs which belong to the parking lot across from the disney concert hall and the up the stairs of the concert hall, through the garden and up on to the chandler catwalk (beautiful view from there!). We then wove through some buildings and then back down to the loft. It was a good run and I feel great now!

Penelope had a wonderful idea to organize a semi-weekly jog through downtown for the residents of our loft. We're going to make some flyers tonight and put them up throughout the building.

I'd say don't stop there... Downtown's a small place; target other buildings and build this into a fun way to get to know those who live around you. After seeing all the cool stuff that happened recently with Bike Summer, I'd love to put together a group of Downtowners who want to go for a monthly bike ride.


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