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Hybrid View Shows Incorrect Placement

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, July 25, 2005, at 09:46AM

The new Google Maps hybrid view is pretty cool. It made me notice, though, that Hope St. right by the library is misplaced. Take a look at the attached link and you'll see that Google thinks the street goes around the bottom of Library Tower -- right alongside 5th St -- and then up the steps. MSN's just launched Virtual Earth has the exact same problem. I don't have a copy of Thomas Guide handy to see what the map looks like there.

Any other incorrect Downtown mappings you can find now that we have these two overlay views?

Update (4pm): Here's one where change hasn't been noticed. This parking lot viewed on MSN's Virtual Earth has non-existent 8th Pl. and Florida St. running through it. This seems to be an excusable one, though... Google still shows roadway in its older view.


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