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Beer Stops Cars

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, July 26, 2005, at 10:27PM

Have I ever mentioned that old LA Times articles are absolutely great? Consider this piece from July 14th, 1905, titled "Beer Stops Cars."

"Big Bill," driver for Maler & Zobelein, blockaded a procession of cars on Spring street yesterday afternoon because he was insulted and angry. He had driven his big brewery wagon too close to the tracks and a passing car rolled one of the kegs of beer into the gutter and spilled the contents. For revenge, "Bill" drove his wagon into such a position that not a car could pass north on Spring street and the trolley coaches began to pile up behind the foam cart.

The team was allowed to stand and "Bill" went into the saloon to refresh himself and cool off as much as possible.

Bill eventually comes out of the saloon and drives away before the police show up to arrest him, "deeming discretion the better part of valor."

My favorite part is the description of Bill.

"Bill" is as large as a house. He is a half a head taller and several pounds heavier than Jim Jeffries, for whom he once acted as a sparring partner.

Jeffries was about 6'2", and 210 - 230lbs.


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