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Council Wants to Know What's Up With LATC

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 15, 2005, at 11:41AM

Back in May the City Council told the CLA to go out and do an "expedited solicitation of interest" on the LA Theatre Center, starting over the RFP process that had gotten hung up in politics. They were supposed to report back in thirty days. In late June they sent in a report (PDF) saying, basically "We have nothing to report." Replies to the new RFP were due on July 8th. It's now mid-August, and the Council wants to know what's going on. This motion (PDF) was made three days ago by Bernard Parks. I like this paragraph:

At the time of this action, Council was informed that immediate action was necessary in order to preserve the state grants, assuming that the City chose to execute a lease with Latino Theater Company. Three months later, it is now becoming less clear that the process is operating in an expedited manner and a thorough status update is appropriate as soon as possible.

The wheels of responsible government move slowly. This motion will now go to committee, so it'll be a bit before the Council even gets to vote on it.


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