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Atlanta Debates Panhandling Issue

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 15, 2005, at 02:26PM

Back in June I mentioned Atlanta's proposed ban on panhandling. The LA Times online wire section today runs an AP piece talking about opposition to the ban presented in public comment before the City Council.

Among the first to speak was Elisabeth Omilami, who spent the night outside. She pleaded tearfully for the council not to pass the ban.

"The ability to ask for alms is a God-given ability. You can pass laws to protect trees, but what about human beings? God help us!" Omilami said.

As of the time the piece was written it wasn't clear when the Council would vote on the issue.

Also interesting is this article discussing what other cities have done to limit panhandling . It ran today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but I'm linking to it on The Oxford Press so you don't have to register before reading.


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