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Wayfinding Signage Needs a Tune-Up

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, August 21, 2005, at 11:27AM
Abbreviation by Committee Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I've mentioned plenty of times how much I like the new wayfinding signage that's been going up around Downtown. It really looks nice, and hopefully it's helping a few people find their way. I've also mentioned before that some of the chosen abbreviations are ridiculous. Another to add to that list is the great "Spring St Hist/Fin". What's wrong with just "Spring Street"?

This kind of problem needs to be fixed. Hopefully whatever city department commissioned the signage will step up to the plate and get these little corrections made. That's the route that first needs to be pursued.

If they will not, though, some enterprising and anonymous Downtown resident needs to go get some stickers printed that match the color of the wayfinding signs (different for different districts) and make the corrections on his or her own. I'm not one to promote vandalism, but I'd like to think the Downtown art community could pitch in here if the city chooses not to act. Perhaps we could even get Richard Ankrom to do it.


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