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Imagining Red Car Routes

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, September 06, 2005, at 02:22PM
Picturing Red Car Routes Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I took a little time away from the computer this weekend and watched college football (it was a nice start for the Trojans), so hopefully that's enough of an excuse for why I'm posting today about happenings last Wednesday.

In any case, Wednesday morning the CCA hosted a meeting of the Red Car Advisory Board I first mentioned back in June. The CRA's feasibility study is moving along, and this time around the board was brought together to do a little prioritization of characteristics and brainstorm potential routes. The consultants didn't have the scoring all totaled for the first exercise by the time the meeting was out, so most of interest were the route ideas.

The non-consultants were split up into three groups and given three miles to work with. Pictured is Brigham Yen of DCBID, presenting his group's created route: a backwards S stretching from South Park to Bunker Hill. Common to all three groups' ideas were common elements such as LA Live, Broadway, and Bunker Hill.

Some paperwork from the study should be coming out shortly and showing up somewhere on the CRA's Flash-ridden site. Outreach meetings should also start happening sometime soon.


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