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Food Carts and Street Life

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 07, 2005, at 06:00PM

Fun tip email I got today... A reader writes

There's a new (licensed, it looks like) cart vendor at 4th and Bolyston. He opened for the first time yesterday. This puts carts in my work's area (west of the 110) at two, as another guy is located just off 4th and Beaudry. To me, the presence of street food vendors indicates a returning vibrancy. Or maybe it's just because I have poor eating habits and enjoy meals from carts...

That's a good point about the carts. They're not going to be putting those carts where people aren't walking around, and it's good to hear of street life west of the freeway. My area (the Historic Core) has plenty of carts over on Los Angeles, but I think they're typically of the unlicensed variety.


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