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"Buildings are meant to be experienced"

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 14, 2005, at 02:58PM

I have to thank Franklin Ave. for linking to Mitch Glaser's interesting Paradox Unbound blog about city planning. In a post from Monday he comments on the Downtown News' "From 'Deathstar' to Screen Star." He makes a point that I think is hugely important:

I think it's problematic to judge a building on its artistic merits over its relevance to its urban context. Buildings are meant to be experienced, not portrayed.

As I posted last July, though, Thom Mayne doesn't necessarily agree.

Mayne's answer surprised [the interviewer for Metropolis]. The average person's understanding of his projects is "irrelevant," he told me. "There's layers and layers of ideas that go into a piece of work.

Mitch also mentions the very cool looking Screening the City film series that James Rojas is putting on in Chinatown. Hopefully next month's DLANC Board meeting will run a little shorter and I'll be able to make it over.


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