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LA Live! Groundbreaking Gives Kotkin Another Chance to Badmouth Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, September 17, 2005, at 02:27PM

Lots of new coverage on the LA Live groundbreaking. The Downtown News runs a piece, while the LA Times yesterday wrote that ESPN will have a studio as a part of the project. My favorite bit of coverage, though, is in the Daily Breeze, who gives some ink to the always entertaining Joel Kotkin.

Calling the project's concept "more appropriate to Cincinnati," urban analyst Joel Kotkin questioned the wisdom of imposing a single megacomplex on a largely blank urban canvas.

Kotkin is a nut. Normally I'd think the reporter from the Breeze just put a few words in his mouth for that last part, but Kotkin's shown me no reason to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't even want to take the time to give a full response. So all I'll say is: a) LA Live! is merely one of many large development districts going on in town, and one of two Downtown; b) Downtown is hardly a blank canvas. Just look at Elleven, Luma, or any one of the other loft/condo projects in the area.


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