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The Fun of Bus Riding

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, September 19, 2005, at 06:21PM
Waiting for the Bus Eric Richardson [Flickr]

One of the reasons I've started riding my bike a lot more is that riding the bus can be pretty frustrating. Tonight I thought I'd be lazy since I already biked quite a bit this morning, so I walked over to 6th and Hill around 5:35. I wanted to catch an 81 down to USC. Roughly they run every 10 - 12 minutes at this time of day and take 12 - 13 minutes to get to campus. Today, though... nothing.

Buses that stopped and left before an 81 showed up: (5) #2; (4) #4; (1) #48; (1) Montebello #2; (1) Montebello #1; (3) #81 going the other direction.

Finally at 6pm three 81s show up all together.

The same thing happened to me on Saturday, heading down to the USC game. The 81 that was supposed to come at 4:26pm didn't show up until 4:45, and instead of getting to USC at 4:40 it arrived closer to 5:10. I think I made be done with the 81 for a while, until MTA finally gets their act together on letting you know how long until the next bus comes.


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