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Looking South: Coliseum Parking and Web Site

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, September 26, 2005, at 03:32PM

Two things take my coverage here a little farther south this morning than I would usually let this site roam. Both involve the Coliseum.

First, today the Times ran a story about a plan to use $25mil in redevelopment money for street and parking improvements. Without knowing much of the particulars about what other ramifications the extension of the Hoover Redevelopment Project might have, I think that's a perfectly good idea. I found baffling, though, Bernard Parks' justification for why the money would be well spent even without an NFL tenant.

Parks said better parking facilities and other improvements would be justified even if the NFL does not return.

To justify the need for parking, he cited a charity walk sponsored by Revlon that brought 60,000 people into the area, as well as soccer games that attract more than 70,000 to the Coliseum.

How can you write about the Coliseum without mentioning that USC brings 90,000 people there six times a year? Those people would certainly enjoy more parking facilities, and I'm sure the Coliseum Commission or the City would enjoy the additional revenue.

Secondly, how can the Coliseum have such an attrocious website? The Commission should be embarassed to have this as the facility's public face. The Flash site is obnoxious and doesn't seem entirely functional, but the "HTML only" version is worlds worse. Not only does it claim to work without a plugin and then require Java, but none of the top images and only one or two of the links are actually functional.


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