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A View With No Room

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, October 05, 2005, at 09:56AM
Weird Starting Point Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I had a few minutes to kill yesterday afternoon up on Bunker Hill, so I circled down from Disney Hall to check out the construction site for the Colburn School expansion. I was a bit confused by what I saw.

I'll grant you that I don't know much about construction, but it seems a little odd to me for a window to be put in before the building. Usually that's one of those things you add at the end. But there it was, one of two building bits standing vertically.

The website mentions the uses the school will be placing in the new building, but doesn't seem to have any plans or renderings to check and see what these two bits are.

Update (2pm): A reader suggests that these two may be an on-site materials test, perhaps seeing how the chosen pieces interact with the site's light. (6pm): In the comments Tim Quinn provides a link to Smith-Emery's Window Wall Testing Page, which mentions field testing.


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