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New Signage Better, but Still Not 100%

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 14, 2005, at 11:18AM
historic downtow sign jim Winstead [Flickr]

Jim Winstead posted recently that the new green Historic Downtown wayfinding signage had much improved wording, swapping "Broadway Th Distrist" for "Broadway Theaters" and "Spring St Hist/Fin" for "Historic Spring St." Very good changes, and hopefully they'll make their way on to the existing flawed signs.

Today, though, biking up Main I noticed one of these new signs just outside Bert Green Fine Art (pictured sign is Jim's, not this one). I was happy to see the new wording, but a little confused to see it pointing east to "Broadway Theaters". The other three arrows were correct, and the arrows on the back of the sign were all right. Just one more thing to add to the fix-it list...


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