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Panhandling Sign Memes

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, October 26, 2005, at 05:24PM
Those Pesky Ninja's! Michael Heilemann [Flickr]

Walking to lunch today I saw a guy sitting at a corner holding a sign that started "Entire family killed by ninjas..." I didn't take a picture, but back in July flickr user Michael Heilemann took one of a similar sign (pictured).

Seeing this sign got me to wondering how it is that memes like this spread in the panhandling world. Do guys sit around at the mission or wherever talking about things they've heard people respond to? This and the older "Need Money for Beer / At Least I'm Honest" sign meme make me want to believe there's actually some sort of a panhandler periodical that spreads the latest catchy sayings people are falling for.


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