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Breaking: Attempted Armed Robbery at Jewelry Theater Building

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, November 07, 2005, at 02:40PM
DSC00505 Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I got a flat tire on my way back from USC a little before 2pm, so I was sitting changing it at the corner of Olympic and Figueroa when I saw an LAPD motorcycle officer fly through the intersection up Fig. I continued to hear sirens, and when I was done changing the tire there were multiple LAPD choppers flying over the intersection of 7th and Hill. As you can see in the photo there are a heck of a lot of LAPD cars surrounding the building, and officers in position behind their vehicles.

Oddly, this makes the second time in three days I've seen LAPD officers with guns drawn.

3:08: Now we're on the news. Attempted armed robbery of a shop at the Jewelry Theater Building (a couple doors down the 7th Street side). Two suspects. Shots fired; one suspect dead, one being transported to the hospital. Owner of the shop sustained minor injuries, KCAL9 says gunshot to the hand. Apparently there are bullet holes in windows, but the area was still too blocked off to get a pic of those.

3:23: First online story I've seen is now up at ABC7. It claims the shop owner did the shooting. The LAPD officer I spoke to didn't mention that, but it could be true.

3:34: NBC4 article is up and includes a link to some pictures. I think mine are actually better quality, sad as that is.

2:42 KCAL9 news is on, but apparently their next story is on adult acne. Someone's got a chopper on-scene. I don't know why they aren't on it.

DSC005092:44: You can see that it's pretty crowded on-scene. The entire block of 7th between Broadway and Hill is emergency vehicles. Lots of unmarked LAPD cars.

Still nothing on the news that I've seen.

3:18: Here's a shot of the aftermath. As you can see, the news did eventually show up:



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